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Legend (OPEN_DATA/LANDUSE_Landcover)

Landcover (0)
<all other values> <all other values>
<Null> <Null>
Airports Airports
Bare Exposed Rock Bare Exposed Rock
Barren Clear-cut Barren Clear-cut
Barren Lands Barren Lands
Built Up Residential Built Up Residential
Cemetery Cemetery
Commercial Commercial
Communications - antennas Communications - antennas
Confined Feeding Operations/Feedlots/Holding Areas Confined Feeding Operations/Feedlots/Holding Areas
Cropland Cropland
Cropland and Pasture Cropland and Pasture
Deciduous Forest Deciduous Forest
Electrical Generation Electrical Generation
Evergreen Forest Evergreen Forest
Extraction Extraction
Farmsteads and Farm Related Buildings Farmsteads and Farm Related Buildings
Fish Hatcheries Fish Hatcheries
Forested Wetlands Forested Wetlands
Freshwater Lakes and Ponds Freshwater Lakes and Ponds
Fruit and Nut Trees Fruit and Nut Trees
Future Commercial/Institutional Future Commercial/Institutional
Future Industrial Future Industrial
Future Residential Future Residential
Future Transportation/Communication Future Transportation/Communication
Greenhouses Greenhouses
Group Quarters Group Quarters
Heavy Industry Heavy Industry
Herbaceous Rangeland Herbaceous Rangeland
Highways/Roads/Access Roads/Freeways/Interstates Highways/Roads/Access Roads/Freeways/Interstates
Idle Fields Idle Fields
Industrial Waste Treatment/Recycling, Facilities Industrial Waste Treatment/Recycling, Facilities
Junk/Salvage Yards Junk/Salvage Yards
Large Single Structure Large Single Structure
Light Industry Light Industry
Man-Made Reservoirs and Impoundments Man-Made Reservoirs and Impoundments
Mixed Forest Mixed Forest
Mixed Rangeland Mixed Rangeland
Mobile Home Parks Mobile Home Parks
Multi_Family Dwellings Multi_Family Dwellings
Multiple Structure Multiple Structure
Municipal Services Municipal Services
Non-Forested Wetlands Non-Forested Wetlands
Nurseries/Floriculture Nurseries/Floriculture
Open Rural Park Open Rural Park
Open Urban Park Open Urban Park
Orchards/Nurseries/Horticulture Orchards/Nurseries/Horticulture
Other Agricultural Other Agricultural
Other Institutional/Governmental Other Institutional/Governmental
Other Recreational Other Recreational
Parking Lots Parking Lots
Pasture Pasture
Power Substations Power Substations
Primary Processing at Extraction Site and Extraction Equipment Primary Processing at Extraction Site and Extraction Equipment
Public Beaches Public Beaches
Railroads Railroads
Recreational Recreational
Religious Religious
Retail Sales/Wholesale/Professional Services Retail Sales/Wholesale/Professional Services
Rivers/Streams/Creeks/Bayous Rivers/Streams/Creeks/Bayous
Road repair and Maintenance Yard Road repair and Maintenance Yard
Sewage Treatment Plants Sewage Treatment Plants
Shrub-Brush Rangeland Shrub-Brush Rangeland
Single-Family Dwellings Single-Family Dwellings
Stone Quarries Stone Quarries
Strip Mines Strip Mines
Transitional Transitional
Urban or Built-Up Land Urban or Built-Up Land
Utilities Utilities
Vehicle Related Activities Vehicle Related Activities
Vineyards Vineyards
Warehouses and Temporary Storage Warehouses and Temporary Storage
Water Water
Water Treatment Water Treatment
Wetlands Wetlands