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Service Description: 100 Urban or Built-Up Land 110 Residential High to low density urban residential and linear development along roads and shorelines. Also includes residential areas on military bases and school grounds, when larger than minimum mapping unit. Includes associated structures, driveways and lawn areas. 111 Single Family Dwellings 112 Multi-Family Dwellings Includes duplexes, 4-plexes, apartment buildings and high rises. 113 Group Quarters Includes nursing homes, barracks and dormitories. 114 Mobile Home Parks/Courts 119 Other Residential 120 Commercial Areas used predominantly for the sale of products and services. 121 Retail Sales/Wholesale/Professional Services Includes stores, shopping strips and malls, motels, restaurants, office buildings and associated driveways, sheds, landscaped areas and parking lots under the minimum mapping unit. 122 Vehicle Related Activities Includes garages, vehicle sales, gas stations and auto paint and body shops. 123 Junk/Salvage Yards Includes auto junkyards, scrap metal salvage operations, and related activities. 125 Warehouses and Temporary Storage 129 Other Commercial 130 Industrial 131 Primary Processing at Extraction Site and Extraction Equipment Includes processing facilities, loading devices, access roads, stockpiles, storage sheds and parking lots found at resource extraction sites, including oil, gas, ore, coal, timber. 132 Light Industry Focused on design, assembly, finishing, processing and packaging of products. Generally have few to no lagoons, stockpiles of raw materials or waste disposal areas. 133 Heavy Industry Uses raw materials. Stockpiles, lagoons, waste disposal areas, transportation facilities for bulk products are often present. C - Chemical Related - plastics, pharmaceuticals, etc. P - Petroleum Related - refining M - Metals - refining, shaping W - Wood Processing - pulp and paper, sawmills, wood treatment B - Brick, Concrete, Block 134 Electrical Generation N - Nuclear 0 - Oil G - Gas C - Coal H - Hydro-Electric 135 Tank Farms and Materials Storage Includes tank farms, stockpiles and bins of materials away from industrial facilities and/or larger than the minimum mapping unit. 136 Industrial Waste Treatment/Recycling, Facilities 137 Inactive/Dismantled Industrial Site 139 Other Industrial 140 Transportation/Communication 141 Highways/Roads/Access Roads/Freeways/Interstates 142 Parking Lots Only those parking lots that exceed the minimum mapping unit. 143 Railroads X - Dismantled Railroads Y - Railyards, Repair Facilities Includes stations, parking lots, and repair and switching yards. 144 Airports Includes runways, intervening land, terminals, service buildings, navigational aids, fuel storage, parking lots and a limited buffer zone. 145 Communications - antennas 146 Marinas/Port Facilities/Docks 149 Other Transportation/Communication 150 Utilities Facilities involved in treatment, transportation, and delivery of water, gas, oil, and electricity. 151 Water Treatment Does not include reservoirs. 152 Sewage Treatment Plants 153 Power Substations 186 Religious 187 Municipal Services Includes police and fire stations. 188 Road repair and Maintenance Yard 189 Other Institutional/Governmental 190 Recreational 191 Large Single Structure Includes stadiums and race tracks. 192 Multiple Structure Includes fairgrounds, amusement parks, zoos, and piers. 193 Open Urban Includes parks, playgrounds, golf courses, athletic fields, drive-in theaters and swimming pools. 194 Open Rural Includes ski areas and camp grounds. 195 Public Beaches Includes only those beaches with associated boardwalks. 199 Other Recreational 200 Agriculture 210 Cropland and Pasture 211 Cropland Includes those fields which are previously being maintained as crop producing areas and have vegetation cover at the time of imagery acquisition. A Row Crops - Includes those fields with vegetation cover that show distinct striations. B Cover Crops - Includes those obviously tended fields with vegetation cover, but no striations. C Bog Crops - Includes cranberries. 212 Pasture Includes onlv those fields or areas in which livestock or distinct signs of livestock grazing can be detected, such as trails, watering tanks, corrals, salt licks and/or supplemental feeding stations. 213 Idle Fields Includes areas that were previously cultivated in the past, but do not show signs of current cultivation or grazing. If shrubs and trees are present, use Category 32. 214 Plowed, Unvegetated Fields 215 Truck Crops Areas of intense cultivation with mixed crops in relatively small fields. Generally in agricultural areas and commercially oriented. 216 Gardens Includes home and community gardens. 220 Orchards/Nurseries/Horticulture 221 Fruit and Nut Trees 222 Fruit Bushes 223 Vineyards 224 Greenhouses 225 Nurseries/Floriculture 230 Confined Feeding Operations/Feedlots/Holding Areas 231 Cattle 232 Poultry 233 Hogs 234 Horses 235 Sheep/Goats 239 Other 240 Farmsteads and Farm Related Buildings Farm ponds are in Category 536. 290 Other Agricultural 291 Fish Hatcheries 300 Rangeland 310 Herbaceous Rangeland 320 Shrub-Brush Rangeland 330 Mixed Rangeland 400 Forestland 410 Deciduous Forest 411 Deciduous Forest 412 Logged - Partial/Select Cut 413 Recently Replanted - Deciduous 420 Evergreen Forest 421 Evergreen Forest 422 Logged - Partial/Select Cut 423 Recently Replanted - Evergreen 430 Mixed Forest 431 Mixed Forest 432 Logged - Partial/Select Cut 433 Recently Replanted - Mixed 440 Clear-Cut Includes those areas obviously related to commercial timbering operations where all trees have been removed. 441 Barren Clear-cut Ground surface totally denuded of vegetation cover. 442 Non-barren Clear-cut All trees removed; shrubs, forbs and/or grasses still present. 500 Water 510 Waterways, Streams, and Canals Includes rivers, creeks and other linear water bodies. The boundary between streams and other bodies of water is the straight line across the mouth of the stream, up to a width of 1.85 km. Where a watercourse is interrupted by a water control structure, the impounded area will be placed in the Reservoirs (531) Category 511 Rivers/Streams/Creeks/Bayous 512 Canals 520 Natural Lakes and Ponds Unless collateral data is available, no distinction can be made between fresh and salt water lakes. Salt ponds are located near the sea coast, inland of a barrier dune or dunes. Salt lakes are formed by evaporation in basins of interior drainage. 521 Freshwater Lakes and Ponds 522 Salt Lakes 523 Salt Ponds 530 Man-Made Reservoirs and Impoundments 531 Reservoirs Includes any man-made impoundment, lake or pond that does not fall into one of the following categories. 532 Mined Areas Reservoirs Includes only water captured by mined depressions and/or water present because the bottom of the excavation is lower than the groundwater level. 533 Lagoons/Basins Includes any man-made impoundment used specifically for waste liquids and/or the cooling of liquids. 534 Drainage Catchment Basin Includes acid mine and storm water runoff catchments. 535 Trailing Ponds Revetted areas that receive a slurry of crushed or powdered rock and water. Associated with primary ore processing. 536 Farm Ponds 540 Bays and Coves 590 Other 591 Open Ocean 600 Wetlands 610 Forested Wetlands 611 Deciduous 612 Evergreen 613 Mixed 620 Non-Forested Wetlands 700 Barren Lands 710 Salt Flats 720 Beaches and River Banks 721 Beaches 722 Riverbanks/Flood Plains 723 Mud Flats 730 Inland Natural Sandy Areas 731 Dunes 732 Dry Water Courses 740 Bare Exposed Rock 750 Extraction 751 Strip Mines 751A Abandoned Strip Mines 752 Stone Quarries 752A Abandoned Quarries 753 Sand and Gravel 753A Abandoned Sand/Gravel 754 Non-Strip Mined Minerals (Open Pit Mining) 754A Abandoned Non-strip Mined Minerals 755 Slag/Spoil Piles 759 Other 760 Transitional May include cleared, filled, and graded areas, and new road networks. 761 Future Residential 762 Future Commercial/Institutional 763 Future Industrial 764 Future Transportation/Communication 765 Future Water Project 766 Future Utilities 768 Unidentifiable 769 Other Transitional

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